2019-001Annexing and Incorporating 5.82 acres S. Beltline Boulevard
2019-002Annexing and Incorporating 101 Sparkleberry Crossing Road
2019-003Annexing and Incorporating 209 Plumbers Road
2019-004Annexing and Incorporating 1200 Veteran Road, Suites 1 & 2 and 0.65 acres B/S Veterans Road
2019-005Annexing and Incorporating 2807 Atlas Road
2019-006Annexing and Incorporating 1315 Basil Street
2019-007Annexing and Incorporating 908 Oakland Avenue
2019-008Annexing and Incorporating 1124 South Ott Road
2019-011Amending Chapter 14, Article IV, to add Sec. 14-107 Careless operation of drone
2019-014Annexing and Incorporating 101, 103, 105, 108, & 111 Williams Street and 316 Heyward Street into Plan Columbia Land Use Plan
2019-015Including 1703 McFadden Street in the Comprehensive Plan 2018 Future Land Use Map
2019-016Amending Sec. 17-401 Definitions, Sign to add (8) Wayfinding Program 
2019-017Amending Sec. 17-681 (b) Architectural conservation district (7) to add Granby Historic District
2019-019Including 112 Silo Court in the Comprehensive Plan 2018 Future Land Use Map 
2019-021Granting encroachment to Experience Columbia SC for the installation and maintenance of digital information kiosks


2019-002Official Kick-Off to St. Pat's in Five Points
2019-003Dinner on Main Street
2019-005Release and Abandonment of 5' portion of City's existing 30' Water Line Easement along a portion of 1890 Shady Lane
2019-006Authorizing Condemnation for Easement Acquisition for Water Main Extension along Hard Scrabble Road
2019-008CMA Gala Fundraiser
2019-009Arts & Draughts
2019-010Hamptons on Hampton
2019-011NPHC Greek Explosion
2019-012Soda City Yard Sale Market
2019-013Greater Columbia Record Fair
2019-014Capital City Hoop & Music Fest
2019-01513th Annual Indie Grits Film Festival
2019-016Columbia Food and Wine Festival
2019-017South Carolina Carnival
2019-018Permitting Fire Department to collect money for the MDA
2019-019Urging the State of South Carolina Legislature to Support Passage of the Equal Rights Amendment
2019-021Rocky Shoals Spider Lily Happy Hours
2019-022Make Music Day Happy Hour
2019-023Jam Room Music Festival
2019-024Contract for Purchase and Sale of approx. 199.65 acres along Simmon Tree Ln, Beltline Blvd, and Bluff Rd
2019-025Approving and Ratifying Mutual Aid Agreements with Various Law Enforcement Agencies
2019-027Lease Agreement for the 4th floor of 1401 Main Street
2019-028Execution of documents necessary to repair or rebuild certain properties affected by the 2015 flood
2019-029Execution of documents necessary to purchase 3408 Keenan Drive through the Property Acquisition Program
2019-030Execution of documents necessary to purchase 1006 California Avenue through the Property Acquisition Program
2019-031Columbia Music of Art for Love, Peace and Hip Hop Kickoff
2019-033Execution of Amended and Restated Lease Agreement and Operation and Maintenance Agreement for the Saluda Riverwalk
2019-035United Way of the Midlands' Women in Philanthropy Power of the Purse Charity Fundraiser
2019-036Execution of Real Estate Purchase Agreement for the purchase of 1113 King Street