The City of Columbia is committed to conserving energy, helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions  and providing real dollar savings to citizens. Our goal is to power our City with 100% renewable power by 2036. We also promote programs that help businesses and residents save energy and money.

Energy efficiency and energy conservation are often referred to as the cheapest and cleanest sources of energy.

Virtually everyone benefits when individuals, companies and communities reduce the amount of energy they use. The benefits come in the form of lowered utility bills, protection against rising energy costs, and decreased demand for construction of new energy projects. The latter can, in turn, translate into a cleaner environment and address climate change concerns if the construction of additional conventional fossil-fueled power plants and additional mineral extraction (e.g., oil and gas drilling, coal mining) are avoided. Energy efficiency and conservation also can contribute to greater national security by reducing our demand for foreign energy resources.

Generally, energy efficiency is achieved through the application of technology, including insulation upgrades, storm windows and more efficient light bulbs bulbs (CFLs and LEDs).

Energy conservation is achieved through behavioral changes, including turning off lights when not needed, using household appliances differently and carpooling.

There are many sources of information about energy efficiency and energy conservation that target energy use at work and at home. Follow the links below to learn about specific energy efficiency and energy conservation measures that can be implemented.

Resources and Links

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