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Business in Motion is the City's business retention and expansion program, conducted in partnership with the Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce.  The goal of the program is to conduct proactive outreach visits to local businesses to make sure they have the resources and services they need to continue to grow and retain them here in the Columbia area.  Providing efficient, effective, and timely service to local businesses is what Business in Motion is all about.
Through our outreach efforts we build stronger relationships with local businesses and strengthen networks for communicating and exchanging ideas.  Staff members engage Columbia's business leaders to discuss the issues that are impacting local companies and determine what the barriers to growth are then help develop and implement solutions to problems.
We provide existing businesses with support, address urgent concerns, improve business-to-community communications, help retain local business, and build stronger business relationships in Columbia. We work together to increase local business competitiveness, increase job creation and business expansion opportunities, implement strategic actions for local economic development, and create a stronger and more vibrant local economy.
We invite all of our local businesses to participate in this program so that we can continue to make Columbia a better place to work and live. For more detailed information on the Business in Motion Program or to schedule a meeting with a program representative, please contact:


Contact Ryan Coleman at (803) 734-2732 or [email protected].


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