Is starting your own small business still just wishful thinking?  Is it time to take
your business idea to the next level?
Do you have the will and spirit to achieve economic and personal freedom?  YES?
Then NxLeveL Micro Entrepreneur is for you.

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Before you launch into your business dream, consider smart preparation to learn successes, failures, and best industry practices. This aggressive hand-on training will prepare you to compete and win as an entrepreneur. This module focuses on teaching "self-sufficiency through self-employment." 

Participants will learn how to define a business idea and develop a business plan, understand the value of business analysis and develop a marketing plan, explore financing options, risk management, create a customer service philosophy, as well as other relevant entrepreneurial skills.

This is your chance to find out if you have what it takes. Embrace the opportunity for ideas to stabilize and grow your business.   
 Graduating Class of 2019


Contact:  Office of Business Opportunities /   [email protected]    / 803.545.3950
Photographs by PinkBlue; Courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net