Zoning Map Update:  

Staff held a virtual public meeting the evening of September 29th. The full recording can be viewed at: https://www.youtube.com/user/ColumbiaSCGovernment

We encourage you to visit the website at weplantogether.org/columbiareview/

Overlay Districts: Newly created overlay district boundary maps are available below. All other overlay district boundary remain the same and can be viewed on our City Information Viewer.

Airport Height Overlay Map

80-30 Height Overlay Map

8-10 Setback Overlay Map 

Comments and questions related to the map and approved text can be sent to: [email protected]

The Zoning Division

Whether you live or work in Columbia, the Zoning Division can help you construct or add an addition to your home or business, locate an ideal area for your new business, or plan a new development.

The City of Columbia uses zoning regulations to preserve, protect, and support the use of existing residences, businesses, and properties. We strive to provide a reasonable expectation of how areas will develop and change over time. Zoning is the tool for carrying out the planning policies of the City.

The Zoning Division enforces the City of Columbia's Zoning Ordinance by reviewing permit applications, responding to complaints regarding violations, and managing the Board of Zoning Appeals.