“Create, Retain and Reinvest Wealth”




To foster, encourage, nurture and support Columbia as a socially and economically vibrant community with sustainable jobs and a thriving, entrepreneurial, small-business environment.



To efficiently, effectively and enthusiastically create and support economic development opportunities in the City of Columbia.

Principles & Values

Accountability:  We are committed to creating a culture of accountability by establishing expectations, demonstrating transparency, and enforcing compliance.

Integrity:  We believe in leading in an ethical manner that exhibits strength of character, prudent decision-making, and sound judgment.

Inclusion:  We believe all stakeholders, regardless of their differences, should have the opportunity to provide feedback, offer input, and participate in our success.

Outcomes:  We believe in positive community impact as demonstrated by the establishment and achievement of meaningful, measurable outcomes.

Stewardship: We recognize that we hold a variety of resources in trust on behalf of the people of our community. We are committed to safeguarding those assets and operating consistently in the best interest of the public we serve.

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Columbia Empowerment Zone, Inc
3200 Grand Street
Columbia, SC 29203
Phone (803) 748-0964
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P.O. Box 141, Columbia, SC 29202