2004 Ordinances

Amending City Code Sec. 14-5 Prohibited Acts in City owned Parking Facilities and Lots
Granting Franchise to Armando Aguinaga d/b/a Armando Tacos for operation of a stationary sidewalk vending cart near 1201 Main Street
Granting Franchise to Jersey Joe's Original New York City Hot Dog for operation of a stationary sidewalk vending cart at S/E corner of Assembly and Hampton Street
Granting Franchise to Robert Spencer for operation of a stationary sidewalk vending cart on west side of 1700 block of Main Street
Amending City Code Sec. 17-258 adding Non-depository Credit Institutions
Lease Purchase Agreement for Parking Meters, Fire Department Equipment and Court and Business License Software and Servers
Annexing 36.31 Ulmer Road At Rawlinson Road
Granting Easement to SCE&G to serve Convention Center
Granting Encroachment to James Hodges Wheat Street
Annexing 20.445 acres Woodcreek Farms
Annexing Village Green at Woodcreek Farms
Annexing 609 Old Woodlands Road
Annexing Lot 17 Lost Creek Plantation
Annexing 2716 Leesburg Road
Annexing 4104 Beecliff Drive
Annexing 3401 Lyles Street
Annexing 5024 Fernandina Road
Conveyance of real property to Louis Bernard Lynn as an access road and cul de sac within Eau Claire Industrial Park
Amending City Code Sec. 12 Repeal 12-82 Valet Parking Zones And add Division 4 Valet Parking
Approval for Transfer of water lines for fire protection for Bryan Hospital and Morris Village to SC DMH
Granting Encroachment to Yorkshire Neighborhood Association at Yorkshire and Wilshire Drive
Annexing 31 Bethune Court
Annexing 5730 Monticello Road
Approving form and authorizing execution of note and mortgage for Drew Wellness Center 
Annexing 1.74 acres Garners Ferry Road
Annexing 16.6 acres Garners Ferry Road at Daphine Road
Annexing parcels at Gills Creek Parkway and Garners Ferry Road
Authorizing transfer of 1624 and 1630 Catawba Street to Chris Dorsey
Closing and transfer of Saxon Plaza and portion of Elmwood Avenue for development of Drew Park
Easement for SCE&G along 808-812 Pavilion Avenue
Transfer of 4914 Colonial Drive to Eau Claire Development Corporation
Transfer of 607 Muller Avenue to Eau Claire Development Corporation
Annexing 7230 Garners Ferry Road
Annexing Lot 5 Lost Creek Plantation
Annexing 802 Veterans Road
Annexing Granby Mills and Olympia Mills at Heyward Street and Olympia Avenue
Amending City Code Sec. 19-43 Service fees to add (6) Building Material Collection
Authorizing Conveyance of a 3.73 acres in Columbia Industrial Park Parcel A
Amending City Code Sec. 5-204 Building Permits Fee Schedule
Annexing 1001 Kinley Road
Annexing 4.63 acres S/S Garners Ferry Road
Approving relocation of a portion of Parkridge Drive
Granting Encroachment to University of South Carolina School of Public Health along College Street, Park Street, Pendleton Street and Assembly Street
Authorizing Conveyance of 1.2 acres in Columbia Industrial Park known as Parcel A
Raise Revenue and Adopt the Budget for Fiscal Year 2004-2005
Granting Encroachment to Albert S. Babinec 2008 Marion Street
Amending City Code Sec. 17-315 Freeway Sign Overlay District
Amending City Code Sec. 17-112 Board of Zoning Appeals Power and Duties
Annexing 17 acres Caughman Road at Hallbrook Drive
Annexing 409 Lost Creek Drive
Annexing 411 Lost Creek Drive
Annexing 315 South Beltline Boulevard
Annexing 5.74 acres Clement Road
Annexing Parcels A, B and C 81.49 acres Padgett Road
Amending City Code Sec. 17-283 Zoning Communication Towers
Amending City Code Sec. 17-258 to add Wireless Communication Facilities
Amending City Code Sec. 17-311 –DD Design/Development Area
Granting Easement to Time Warner Cable along Lorick Park
Granting Encroachment to Thomas W. McGee III 1673 Kathwood Drive
Amending City Code Sec. 4-67 Redemption of Impounded Pet Animals
Granting Encroachment to Oakbrook Village Homeowners Association
Annexing 920 Hemlock Drive
Annexing 1009 Bendale Drive and 5554 Farrow Road
Annexing 36 acres Piney Grove Road
Transfer of .01 acre to Zion Baptist Church of South Carolina
Granting Encroachment to Hampton and Beth Oliver 3415 Deveraux Road
Amending City Code Sec. 11-395 add 9, 10,11 Unlawful Housing Practices
Amending Ordinance 2004-054 Millage Rate
Amending City Code Sec. 2-116-134 Employees- Department Heads
Amending City code Sec. 11-50 Telecommunications business license tax
Annexing 6600 Davidson Street
Annexing 5217 Fairfield Road
Transfer of 1.22 acres Hwy. 6 and North Lake Drive
Amending City Code Sec. 14-97 Loitering
Amending City Code Sec. 14-104 Unlawful Urination and Defecation
Granting Encroachment to University of South Carolina Barnwell Street Lot Z13
Lease Agreement with University of South Carolina Research Foundation for 1225 Laurel Street
Installment Sale Agreement with Columbia Public Facilities Corporation
Granting Easement to SC Department of Transportation along North Main Street North Columbia Fire Station
Acceptance of 3305 Piedmont Avenue from Columbia Housing Development Corporation and transfer of 2.42 acres Carver Street
Amending City Code Sec. 14-5 Prohibited Acts in City Owned Parking Facilities and Lots
Authorizing transfer of Burton School Property to Eau Claire Development Corporation
Amending City Code Sec. 2 to add Article VI, Lobbyist
Annexing .7649 acre Cushman Drive at Two Notch Road
Amending City Code Sec. 11-49 Business and Professional Licenses Classification Rate Schedules Insurance
Granting Encroachment to Kelly's Deli and Pub 1001 Washington Street
Annexing 16.5 acres Leesburg Road at Pennington Road
Annexing Lot 4 Lost Creek Plantation
Authorizing City manager to execute Easement to SCE&G for electric line for Canal Lights serving Canal Embankment Project
Annexing 3517 Broad River Road
Annexing 745 Janice Drive
Annexing 735 Deerwood Street
Approval to Grant Easement to SCDOT for North Main Streetscape Project