2010 Ordinances

Annexing 5763 Farrow Rd
Annexing 2428 McKinley St.
Annexing 2409 High St.
Annexing 3527 Farrow Rd.
Annexing 1800 Gary St.
Annexing E/S Farrow Rd.
Annexing 5350 Farrow Rd.
Annexing SW/S Gary St 5551 Farrow Rd R2607 Varn St
 Annexing Bethune Ct
Annexing 135 John Harmon Rd
Annexing 2400 High St
Annexing 3942 Farrow Rd.
Annexing 2432 Chappelle St.
Annexing 2403 High St.
Annexing 1848 Columbia College Dr.
Annexing 42 Bethune Ct.
Annexing 3033 Farrow Rd.
Annexing 27 Bethune Ct.
Sidewalk Vending  Mary Smalls dba Harris Charette Finlay Park
Sidewalk Vending Krista Anderson dba Kristas Hot Dogs Main Lady
Sidewalk Vending Carolina Dawgs 1333 Main St.
Sidewalk Vending Robert Spencer 1700 blk Main St.
Sidewalk Vending The Peanut Man Main Washington
Land Swap Columbia Dev Corp 1900 1917 Wiley St.
Repealing Homeland Security
Encroachment 123 S. Ravenel St. Preston & Louis Sabalis
Encroachment Historic Waverly
Encroachment 407 S Ravenel Ursula Pallares
Adopting Innovista Redevelopment Plan
Adopting Columbia Renaissance Redevelopment Plan
Annexing 120 Pontiac Business Center Dr
Annexing 901 Speaks Creek Court
Annexing 595 Speaks Creek Church Rd
Annexing 150 166 Pontiac Business Center Dr
Annexing 4040 4032 Rosewood 209 223A-C 307 S Beltline
Annexing 426 Beecliff Dr.
Annexing 3113 Farrow Rd
Annexing 1804 Gary St.
Annexing 5901 N Main
Annexing 1624 Browning Rd
Annexing 5400 Farrow Rd
Adopting FY 2010 2011 Budget Adoption
Amending Sec. 17-691 Historic Landmark 1601 Main St
Amending  Sec 17-258 Adding Classification for Manufacturing Industries
Amending Sec 17-277 Amending Projections Info Required Yards
Granting Easement to SCEG at Wastewater Treatment Plant
Encroachment 1200 Main Gervais Café @ Main & Gervais
Amending to Change Annexing Date for 2010 Ordinances 002-018
Amending to Ordinance 2008-042 FY 08-09 Budget
Amending Sec 17-301 & Sec 17-554  Clarifying Lot Coverage Requirements
Amending Sec 17-343 Required Improvements for Parking Area
Amending Sec 17-324 & Sec. 17-677 Amending DDRC Appeal Procedures
Annexing 3111 Farrow Rd
Annexing 26 Bethune Ct.
Annexing 1838 Columbia College Dr.
Annexing 1744 Busby St.
Annexing 1746 Busby St.
Annexing 2421 2425 Dickson and 5603 5606 5608 5720 5612 5626 Kirkland St.
Annexing W/S Dickson
Annexing 5728 Farrow Rd
Annexing 5731 Farrow Rd
Annexing 51 Clemson Rd
Annexing 441 Clemson Rd
Annexing 110 Pontiac Business Center Dr
Annexing 111 Pontiac Business Center Dr
Annexing 121 Pontiac Business Center Dr
Annexing 2020 Bluff Rd.
Annexing 1435 St. Andrews Rd
Amending Annexation Date for 2010 Ordinances 038-041
Amending Sec 8-41 Outdoor Place of Certain Items Prohibited
Temporary Agreement with Palmetto Waste Processing
Development Agreement with Mast General Store
Transfer of Properties to Eau Claire and Columbia Housing Dev Corporations
Amending Sec 20-101 & 20-102 Adding Electronic Payment Fees
DukeNet Communications Right of Way Access Agreement
Amending Sec 23-143 & Sec 12-149 Water and Sewer Rate Increase FY 10-11
Transfer of Kinard Court & Park St to CDC
Annexing 120 Fairforest Rd
Annexing 300 400 N/S Arbor Lake Dr.
Annexing 1001 Bluff Rd. and S/S S Stadium Rd
Annexing 181 190 Ponitac Business  Center Dr.
Annexing 38 Bethune Ct.
Amending Sec 2-130 & Sec 2-151 Repealing Business Enterprise and Grants Department
Annexing 14 Redbay Ct
Annexing 56 Redbay Rd
Annexing 10 Redbay Ct
Annexing 2 Old Landing Ct
Annexing 2063 Beaver Lake Dr.
Annexing 151 Island View Cir
Annexing E/S Spears Creek Church Rd
Annexing 621 S Assembly St
Annexing 715 Bluff Rd
Amending Sec 17-681 Adding Granby as an Architectural Conservation District
Amending Sec 17-54, 231, 234, 258, 275, 282, 283, 321, 406 Creating New Two-Family Residential Zoning District
Easement to SCEG for Metro Wastewater Treatment Plant
Sidewalk Vending Peanut Man Sumter Greene St
Sidewalk Vending Fire House Dawgs Sumter College St
Issuance and Sale of General Obligation Refunding Bonds
Encroachment 417  S Edisto Ave Mark Schimmoeller
Encroachment 701 Santee Ave Washington Square LLC
Amending Sec 17-73 Amending Technical Qualifications for Contractors
Encroachment 1425 Sumter St. Cabo Fresh Taco
Amending Sec 17-55 Temporary Vendor Sec17-258 Table of Permitted Uses 
Annexing 51 Woodcross Dr.
Annexing 27 Bayleaf Ct
Annexing 13 Redbay Ct
Annexing 171 Island View Cir
Annexing 1050 Wildewood Centre Dr
Annexing 1020 1024 1028 1030 1034 1038 1040 1044 Wildewood Centre Dr
Annexing 140 Island View Cir
Encroachment 1013 Barnwell St Columbia Evangelical Church
Encroachment 2900 blk Keshaw St to 1401 Hagood Rd William & Melinda Graham
Lease Agreement Open Living Community LLC
Amending Sec 14-99 Prohibit Possession or Consumption of  Alcoholic Beverages on Public Property
Amending Sec 17-127 Basis for Establishing Areas of Special Flood Hazard
Amending Sec 21-153 Flood Damage Prevention Duties of the City Engineer
Amending Sec 17-258 Requiring Special Exception for Liquor Stores
Amending Sec 2-51 Amending Council Meeting Times
Amending Sec 17-681 Historic Landmark Waverly Historic District
Granting Easement to SCEG for Harden Streetscape Project
Right of Entry and Access Agreement with SCEG near Congaree River
Amending Sec 17-258 Modifying District Permissions for Detective Agencies
Amending Sec 11-32 Definition of Gross Income
Amending Sec. 11-49 Business License for Entertainment
Annexing 405 407 409 S. Assembly St
Annexing W/S 209 213 217 219 Club Ridge Rd
Annexing 167 Island View Cir
Annexing 1 Old Landing Ct
Amending Sec 17-691 Designating 1614 Main St as a Historic Group II Landmark
Agreement of Purchase and Sale of COC & Columbia Venture LLC; Purchase from Sunday School LLC & Granting Access Easement to Columbia Venture LLC
Amending Sec 17-691 Designating 2300 Wilmot Ave as a Historic Group II Landmark
Authorizing Sale of 319 Blanding & 22 Williams St to Baker and Baker
Sidewalk Vending Harris Charette Finlay Park
Sidewalk Vending Robert Spencer 1701 Main St
Sidewalk Vending Carolina Dawgs 1333 Main St
Amending Sec. 12-19 Unlawful to Text or Email While Driving
Repealing Ordinance 2008-087  & Granting Encroachment to Preston Green Homeowners Assoc LLC
Amending SCEG Franchise Agreement
Services Agreement; Canal Hydroelectric Facilities