2014-002Annexing 16 Apple Valley Court, 2105 Apple Valley Road and 2210 Apple Valley Road
2014-003Annexing 14 Apple Valley Court
2014-004Annexing 1.65 acre portion of Bower Parkway
2014-005Amendment Lease Agreement for property known as Capital City Stadium
2014-006Amending City Code Sec. 17-691 Building Site List to add 730 Beltline Boulevard
2014-007Deed of Transfer; formerly 1509 Manning Avenue
2014-008Granting Encroachment to 1644 Main Street
2014-009Granting Encroachment to Hamptons Grant Homeowners Association
2014-010Commercial Node Plan
2014-011Annexing 421 Arrowwood Road
2014-012Annexing 4337 Woodridge Drive
2014-013Annexing 628 Sallie Baxter Drive
2014-014Annexing W/S Woodcreek Farm Road and E/S Upper Will Lane
2014-015Multi-County Industrial/Business Park at 500 Huger Street
2014-016Granting an encroachment to First Community Bank at 1213 Lady Street
2014-018Amending Ordinance 2013-036 granting an encroachment at 1026-1028 Sumter Street
2014-019Multi-County Industrial/Business Park at 620 Blossom Street
2014-020Multi-County Industrial/Business Park at 1000 Park Street and 1016 Park Street
2014-021Venue License Agreement for Multi-use Entertainment Facility
2014-022Easement Agreement for the AC Corp Building to the Parking Facility
2014-023Fourth Amendment to Purchase Agreement for the sale of Capital City Stadium
2014-024First Amendment Development Agreement for Bull Street Campus
2014-025Amending City Code Sec. 17-691 Building Site List for 1213 Lady Street
2014-027Granting an encroachment to Grapes and Gallery at 1113 Taylor Street
2014-028Amending City Code Sec. 17-287 Used Merchandise Stores
2014-029Amending City Code Sec. 17-814 Columbia Tree and Appearance Commission
2014-031Granting an encroachment to the 2700 Block of The Boulevard
2014-032Amending Ordinance 2012-059 granting encroachment to the University of South Carolina
2014-033Amending City Code Sec. 2-115 City Attorney
2014-034Amending City Code Sec. 3-2Advertising to Repeal; Approval of Signs
2014-035Third Amendment of Hunting Lease Agreement
2014-036Amending City Code Sec. 14-99 Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages on pub
2014-037Granting an encroachment to 2000 Park Street
2014-038Amending City Code Sec. 15-1 Exclusive Minor Child Play Zones
2014-039Amending City Code Sec. 13-8 Juror Compensation
2014-040Fifth Amendment to Purchase Agreement for the Capital City Stadium
2014-041Amending City Code Sec. 17-309 DP Design and Preservation Areas
2014-043Granting an encroachment to 300 and 400 blocks of Sumter Street
2014-044Granting an encroachment to 419 Edisto Avenue
2014-045Annexing 4600 Ryan Avenue
2014-046Annexing 2770 The Boulevard
2014-047Annexing 1238 Glenhaven Drive
2014-048Annexing 4250 Beltline Boulevard
2014-049Multi-Use Venue Development Agreement
2014-050Granting an encroachment to 232 South Edisto Avenue
2014-052Special Obligation Bonds (Hospitality Fee Pledge)
2014-053Parking Facilities Refunding Revenue Bonds Second Supplemental Ordinance
2014-054Granting an encroachment to 901 Lady Street
2014-056Adoption of Budget for Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2015
2014-057Textiles Communities Revitalization Act for 101 Wayne Street
2014-060Granting an encroachment to 1614 Main Street
2014-061Granting an encroachment to 1624 Main Street
2014-062Quit Claim Deed to Barhamville Estates Storm Drainage Channel
2014-063Voluntary Cleanup Contract for Bull Street Campus
2014-065Amending City Code Sec. 17-691 Buildings and Site List to add 1230 Sumter Street
2014-064Amending City Code Sec. 5-204 Building Regulations Fee Schedule
2014-067Contract of Sale for 2111 Georgia Elam Lane
2014-068Grant Crown Castle NG East Inc.
2014-069Granting an encroachment to 1214 Main Street
2014-070Granting an encroachment to 1626 Main Street
2014-071Amending City Code Sec. 17-691 Buildings and Site List to add 1401 Hampton Street
2014-072Granting an encroachment to 2006 Senate Street
2014-073Annexing 1509 Aralia Drive
2014-074Annexing 3403 Lyles Street
2014-075Amending City Code Sec. 2-204 Procurement; Competitive Sealed Bidding
2014-076Amending City Code Chapter 17; Planning, Land Development and Zoning
2014-077Agreement for Devine Street Parking Garage
2014-079Granting an encroachment to1313 Pulaski Street
2014-081Granting an encroachment to 1210 Main Street
2014-082Granting an encroachment to 1307 Main Street
2014-083Granting an encroachment to1830 Sumter Street
2014-084SC Crime Victim's Memorial
2014-085Amending City Code Sec. 2-209; Source Selection Method for Procurements
2014-087Amending City Code Sec. 11-49; Classification Rate Schedules to add Provider-Sponsored Organization Contractors
2014-089Contract of Sale for 5212 Randall Street
2014-090Contract of Sale for 14 Guernsey Street
2014-091Granting an encroachment to 1317 Palmer Road
2014-0922015 Famously Hot New Year Event
2014-093Granting an encroachment to 1026 Gregg Street
2014-094Granting an encroachment to the City Center Partnership
2014-096Amending City Code Sec.11-71; Permit, Indemnification and Insurance requirements for street work or other public property
2014-097Granting an encroachment to 819 Albion Road
2014-098Amending City Code Sec. 12-9; Emailing or Text Messaging on Mobile Device while Operating a Motor Vehicle
2014-099Granting an Easement to South Carolina Electric & Gas Company
2014-100Partial Release of Right of Reverter along Rosewood Drive and Bluff Road
2014-101Textiles Communities Revitalization Act for 612 Devine Street
2014-102Amending Sec. 17-297 Convenience Stores
2014-103Amending City Code Sec. 17-321; Private Dormitory
2014-106Repealing Ordinance 2014-077; Agreement for the Devine Street Parking Garage
2014-108Granting an encroachment to 114 South Gregg Street
2014-110Granting an encroachment to Landtech Holdings, LLC for 522 Lady Street
2014-111Annexing O Colony Forest Drive and N/S Beltline Boulevard
2014-112Annexing National Guard Road
2014-113Annexing 6904 Welborn Road
2014-114Annexing 6809 Welborn Road
2014-115Annexing E/S Williams Street
2014-116Annexing 1424 Atlas Road
2014-117Annexing 2790 Shop Road
2014-119Granting an encroachment to 1000 Catawba Street
2014-120Waiver of the Notice Provision contained in the Easement Agreement dated in 2006 for property known as 1504 Main Street
2014-121Cornerstone Baptist Church Lease
2014-122Equipment Lease Purchase Agreement
2014-123Consenting to the Inclusion of Property in a Multi-County Industrial / Business Park (Project Peak)
2014-124Acceptance and Dedication of Streets by Quitclaim Deeds
2014-125Conveyance of Streets by Quitclaim Deeds to accept portion of Main Street a/k/a South Main Street
2014-126Quit Claim Deed to the South Carolina Department of Transportation
2014-127Granting an encroachment to 819 Harden Street
2014-128Contract of Sale for United Way of the Midlands, Inc.
2014-129Lease Renewal Agreement for the United States House of Representatives at 1225 Lady Street


2014-001Class Action Lawsuit to recover unpaid business license fees from online travel companies 
2014-003Mardi Gras at City Roots 
2014-004Jam Room Music Festival 
2014-005Lease Amendment to 1401 Main Street 
2014-007Lease Amendment to 900 River Hill Circle 
2014-008St. Pat's in Five Points Festival 
2014-010First Thursdays on Main/Art Crawl 
2014-011Venue License Agreement with Hardball Capital, LLC 
2014-012The Rosewood Crawfish Festival 
2014-013Bark to the Park Walk and After Party 
2014-015Indie Grits Film Festival Opening Party 
2014-016Hyatt Park and Eau Claire Town Hall 
2014-017Italian Festival 
2014-018Agreement with LRADAC, The Behavioral Health Center of the Midlands 
2014-020River Rocks at the Columbia Canal Park 
2014-021Mutual Aid Agreement with the City of North Myrtle Beach Police Department 
2014-022Palmetto Compress and Warehouse Building 
2014-023Designating Whaley Street Neighborhood a Residential Parking Permit District 
2014-024Adoption of policy and criteria to apply special source revenue credit to real property 
2014-025Designating Granby Neighborhood a Residential Parking Permit District 
2014-026Main Street Latin Festival 
2014-027Columbia Museum of Art for the Contemporaries Oyster Roast 
2014-028Columbia Museum of Art for Annual Record Fair 
2014-029Columbia Museum of Art for the Shelley Reed Exhibition Opening 
2014-030Columbia Museum of Art for an Evening of Art Fundraiser 
2014-031Columbia Museum of Art for Arts and Draughts 
2014-032Five Points Association's 5 after 5 Concert Series 
Three Rivers Festival
2014-034SC Pride Festival 2014 on Main Street 
2014-035Muscular Dystrophy Association 
Soda City Spring Festival
2014-038Supporting S. 137 "Emma Law" 
2014-039Columbia Museum of Art for Arts and Draughts 
2014-040Adopting a Public Art Receipt and Process to Procure Policy 
2014-043United Midlands Multimodal Corridor Improvement Project 
2014-045Amending Resolution 2014-024 Adopting a Policy and Criteria to Consider the Inclusion of Real Property in a Multi-County Industrial Park 
2014-046Special Obligation Hospitality Bond 
2014-047Acceptance and Dedication of Parcel of Bower Parkway 
2014-048Preserving Support and Funding for the Arts and Culture of a New Multi-Use Sports and Entertainment Venue 
2014-050Release and Abandonment to 1320 Clemson Road 
2014-051Release and Abandonment at Kaiser Business Park 
2014-052Palmetto Tasty Tomato Festival 
2014-053Adopting Procedure for Public Comment on Closure of Public Streets 
2014-054Amendment Number Eight to Joint Use Agreement 
2014-055First Renewal Service Agreement for Self-Insured Tort Liability Program 
2014-056First Renewal Service Agreement for Self-Insured Worker's Compensation Program 
2014-057USC Pep Rally at Wild Wing Cafe in the Vista 
2014-058Little Free Library 
2014-061Economic Development Revenue Bonds 
2014-062North Columbia Business Association Farmers Market 
2014-064Designation of the National Incident Management System 
2014-065Preliminary Architectural Services for Multi-Use Entertainment Venue Stadium 
2014-068Designating Martin Luther King Neighborhood a Residential Parking Permit District 
2014-069USC Pep Rally at Wild Wing Cafe in the Vista 
2014-070Columbia Museum of Art for the Contemporaries Oyster Roast 
2014-072Honorary naming of intersection of Farrow Road and Wilkes Road 
2014-073School Resource Officers for Fiscal Year 2014 / 2015 
2014-074SC Welcome Unaccompanied Immigrant and Refugee Children to Support Comprehensive Immigration Reform 
2014-075South Carolina Oyster Festival 
2014-076Declaration of Intent to use proceeds of Tax-Exempt Bonds for Reimbursement 
2014-077Carolina Homegrown Music + Food + Art Festival 
2014-078Vista Lights 2014 
2014-079Amending Resolution 2013-077 Recognizing Cherod Webber as an Honorary Ambassador 
2014-080Amending Resolution 2011-073 Recognizing Bob Chen as an Honorary Ambassador 
2014-081Recognizing the City of Columbia Poet Laureate 
2014-082Columbia Museum of Art for Arts and Draughts 
2014-085Agreement between LRADAC, The Behavioral Health Center of the Midlands 
2014-086Memorandum of Understanding between the U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Special Operations Command 
2014-087Accreditation Program for Law Enforcement Accreditation Agreement 
2014-088Agreement for the Temporary Transfer of Law Enforcement Officers 
2014-089Five Points Association's JerryFest 
2014-090Chili Cook Off in Five Points 
2014-091The Get Out the Vote Rally in the Cannon Parking Garage 
2014-092Agreement between the City of Columbia and the South Carolina Budget and Control Board 
2014-093Easement Acquisition along 4523 Bluff Road 
2014-094Honorary Naming of Don Tomlin Way 
2014-095The Rosewood Crawfish Festival 
2014-096Mutual Aid Agreement for Fire Emergency Services 
2014-097Equipment Rental Agreement for Magic Ice USA, Inc. 
2014-098Midlands Housing Alliance, Inc. for 2025 Main Street 
2014-099Intergovernmental Agreement for Fire Hydrants at the Hopkins Water System 
2014-100Supporting a Business Recruitment Project by the University of South Carolina at the Horizon II Facility 
2014-101Professional Services Agreement for the Housing First Program 
2014-102Police Evidence and Property Storage Facility Building Lease 
2014-103Honorary Naming of 100 block of Wayne Street to" Larry Gates Way" 
2014-104Agreement to United Way of the Midlands for the Regional Coordination of Homeless Services in the Midlands 
2014-105Inclement Weather Center Services Agreement 
2014-106St. Pat's in Five Points Festival 
2014-107Wales Garden Neighborhood as Residential Parking Permit Districts 
2014-109Amending Resolution 2014-060 HolidayFest 
2014-112Party Animals Mardi Gras at City Roots 
2014-113Palmetto Compress and Warehouse Company Building Agreement 
2014-114Feasibility of Passenger Rail and the Establishment of Priorities along I-77 Corridor 
2014-115Honorary naming of Hyatt Avenue and Argent Court to "Bishop Bonner Square" 
2014-116Recognition of Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Business Icon Herman J. Russell 
2014-117Easement Acquisition for Sanitary Sewer at Mill Creek Pump Station along Bluff Road 
2014-120Soda City Suds and Spuds 
2014-121Authorizing Acceptance of donated property within the Bull Street Development Multi-Use Entertainment Venue Parcel 
2014-122Public Parking area along the North Main Street Corridor between Elmwood Avenue and Grace Street