2019-001Annexing and Incorporating 5.82 acres S. Beltline Boulevard
2019-002Annexing and Incorporating 101 Sparkleberry Crossing Road
2019-003Annexing and Incorporating 209 Plumbers Road
2019-004Annexing and Incorporating 1200 Veteran Road, Suites 1 & 2 and 0.65 acres B/S Veterans Road
2019-005Annexing and Incorporating 2807 Atlas Road
2019-006Annexing and Incorporating 1315 Basil Street
2019-007Annexing and Incorporating 908 Oakland Avenue
2019-008Annexing and Incorporating 1124 South Ott Road
2019-009Amending Chapter 5, Article VI to add Vacant Building Registration 
2019-011Amending Chapter 14, Article IV, to add Sec. 14-107 Careless operation of drone
2019-012Amending Chapter 8, Article IV, Division 5, Regulations and Requirements Relating to Smoking
2019-013Amending Code of Ordinance to Repeal and Replace Chapter 17 Land Development and Zoning 
2019-014Annexing and Incorporating 101, 103, 105, 108, & 111 Williams Street and 316 Heyward Street into Plan Columbia Land Use Plan
2019-015Including 1703 McFadden Street in the Comprehensive Plan 2018 Future Land Use Map
2019-016Amending Sec. 17-401 Definitions, Sign to add (8) Wayfinding Program 
2019-017Amending Sec. 17-681 (b) Architectural conservation district (7) to add Granby Historic District
2019-019Including 112 Silo Court in the Comprehensive Plan 2018 Future Land Use Map 
2019-020Granting encroachment to V. and D. Degenhart for the installation and maintenance of a masonry wall and aluminum gates
2019-021Granting encroachment to Experience Columbia SC for the installation and maintenance of digital information kiosks
2019-022Amending Chapter 2 to add Article VII Conviction and Wage History Prohibition in City Employment and City Contractors (Ban The Box)
2019-023Annexing 120 Sparkleberry Crossing Road
2019-024Thirteenth Supplemental Ordinance providing for the issuance and sale of waterworks and sewer system revenue bonds
2019-025Fourth Supplemental Ordinance - Hospitality Fee Pledge
2019-026Including 120 Sparkleberry Crossing Road in the Comprehensive Plan 2018 Future Land Use Map
2019-027Amending Sec. 19-35 Receptacle requirements; placement of receptacles at curbside
2019-028Annexing and Incorporating 88 Hillmark Drive
2019-029Annexing and Incorporating 300 Clemson Road
2019-030Annexing and Incorporating 107 South Williams Street
2019-031Annexing and Incorporating 6313, 6315, 6317, 6319, 6323, 6325, 6327, 6329, and 6331 North Main Street
2019-032Annexing 111 Sparkleberry Crossing Road
2019-03312th Amendment to purchase agreement for Capital City Stadium 
2019-034Contract of Sale for the transfer of 2924 Hope Avenue
2019-035Amending Sec. 17-258 Table of Permitted Uses, SIC 7298 to permit body piercing facilities and tattoo establishments
2019-036Amending Sec. 17-401 Definitions, Sign
2019-038Raising revenue and adopting budget for fiscal year ending June 30, 2020
2019-039Water service rates and sewer service rates
2019-040Discharge of septic tank waste and repealing use of septic tanks where public sewer is available 
2019-041Water and Sewer Rates for Industrial User Permit Fees 
2019-042Waste Water Service Violations 
2019-043Amending Chapter 23, Article I, Sec. 23-1 Civil Penalties Related to Wastewater Collection and Article IV Wastewater Service
2019-044Granting an encroachment to The Grand for installation and maintenance of tables with umbrellas and chairs 
2019-045Amending Chapter 14, Article I, to add Sec. 14-7 Firearms Recovered from Crimes or Criminal Activity 
2019-046Amending Chapter 8, Article II, Sec. 8-31 Nuisance - Definition (a) and (b)
2019-049Amending Comprehensive Plan 2018 Future Land Use Map to Include 2215 Devine Street
2019-050Amending Comprehensive Plan 2018 Future Land Use Map to Include 111 Sparkleberry Crossing Road 
2019-051Annexing and Incorporating 3902 Eureka Street 
2019-052Annexing and Incorporating 3937 Bluff Road 
2019-053Amending Chapter 17, Article III, Sec. 17-258 to Permit Hotels, Motels, and Tourist Courts in C-2
2019-055Amending Chapter 23, Article V, Sec. 23-146 Fire Hydrant, fire protection, and sprinkler system charges
2019-056Amending Chapter 14, to add Article XII Extreme Risk Protection Orders 
2019-057Amending Chapter 15, Sec. 15-1 Prohibited Acts in Parks
2019-058Authorizing Lease Agreement Between the City of Columbia and 1233 Washington Street, LLC 
2019-059Amending Chapter 8, Article III Noise 
2019-060Amending Chapter 12, Article I, to Add Sec. 12-19 Alternative Payment of Fines
2019-061Authorizing the City Manager to Execute an Air Rights Development Contract 
2019-062Amending Chapter 14, Article I, to Add Sec. 14-8 Hate Intimidation 
2019-063Amending Chapter 14, to add Article XIII Gun-Free School Zones
2019-065Annexing and Incorporating 1.1 acre portion of 300 Clemson Road
2019-067Amending Comprehensive Plan 2018 Future Land Use Map to Include 11.58 acres W/S Ferguson Street
2019-068Annexing and Incorporating 400 Beltline Boulevard and 0.07 acre East Chapel Drive
2019-069Annexing and Incorporating 1103 Ferguson Street
2019-070Annexing and Incorporating 68.40 acres on Lockman Road
2019-071Recovery of Collection Costs Pursuant to the Setoff Debt Collection Act 
2019-0722020 Famously Hot New Year Event 
2019-073Amending Chapter 23, Article V, Sec. 23-143 Water service rates and Sec. 23-149 Sewer service rates
2019-075Authorizing The City to Execute and Deliver an Equipment Lease Purchase Agreement 
2019-076Annexing 4624, 4628, and 4830 Devine Street 
2019-077Annexing 121 Sparkleberry Crossing Road and 141 Sparkleberry Crossing Road 
2019-078Amending Ordinance 2019-038 to Adopt the Budget for the Fiscal Year ending June 30, 2020
2019-079Authorizing Contract of Sale for 134 Burton Heights Circle 
2019-081Consenting to the Inclusion of Property in a Multi-County Industrial Park North Main Senior, LLC, 3700 North Main Street, and 3706 North Main Street
2019-082Authorizing Contract of Sale for 100 Gabriel Street
2019-083Amending Chapter 23, Article V, Sec. 23-154 Extended Payment Options 
2019-084Amending Chapter 20, Article IV, Sec. 20-102 Fee(s) Imposed
2019-085Amending Chapter 11, Article II, Sec. 11-71 Outdoor Dining Encroachments
2019-086Annexing and Incorporating 113, 117, and 121 McLeod Road
2019-087Amending Comprehensive Plan 2018 Future Land Use Map to Include 121 and 141 Sparkleberry Crossing Road
2019-088Annexing 4.91 acres Woodcreek Farms Road
2019-089Amending Comprehensive Plan 2018 Future Land Use Map to Include 4624, 4628, and 4830 Devine Street
2019-090Annexing 118 Woodcreek Ridge Drive
2019-091Amending Comprehensive Plan 2018 Future Land Use Map to Include 5640 Old Forest Drive
2019-092Granting an Encroachment to The Comet for Installation and Maintenance of Bus Shelters
2019-093Consenting to the Inclusion of Property in Multi-County Business Park Ballpark, LLC 
2019-094Authorizing Contract of Sale to consummate the transfer of 0.61 acre of 1201 Summit Parkway to Brookland Baptist Church
2019-095Authorizing Lease and Management Agreement for Columbia Dog Park Located at 127 Humane Lane 
2019-096Authorizing an Eighth Amendment to Lease  between City of Columbia and Old Boy Properties, LLC
2019-097Consenting to the Inclusion of Property in a Multi-County Industrial Park (B-6 Benet Horger, LLC)
2019-098Amending Chapter 2, Article VII, Sec. 2-352 Definitions, Employer
2019-099Amending Chapter 8, Article II, Sec. 8-31 Nuisance Definitions 
2019-100Annexing 2.69 acres NW/S Clemson Road
2019-101Annexing 8550 Farrow Road 
2019-103Granting an Easement to Dominion Energy South Carolina Inc. for gas services to the Farrow Pointe
2019-104Granting an Easement to Dominion Energy South Carolina Inc. for gas services to The Retreat
2019-105Amending Comprehensive Plan 2018 Future Land Use Map to Include 4.91 acres Woodcreek Farms Road and +/- 0.17 acres W/S Woodcreek Farms Road
2019-106Amending Comprehensive Plan 2018 Future Land Use Map to Include 118 Woodcreek Ridge Drive
2019-107Consenting to the Inclusion of Property in Multi-County Business Park Huger Hospitality, LLC
2019-108Annexing 7347 Garners Ferry Road


2019-002Official Kick-Off to St. Pat's in Five Points
2019-003Dinner on Main Street
2019-005Release and Abandonment of 5' portion of City's existing 30' Water Line Easement along a portion of 1890 Shady Lane
2019-006Authorizing Condemnation for Easement Acquisition for Water Main Extension along Hard Scrabble Road
2019-008CMA Gala Fundraiser
2019-009Arts & Draughts
2019-010Hamptons on Hampton
2019-011NPHC Greek Explosion
2019-012Soda City Yard Sale Market
2019-013Greater Columbia Record Fair
2019-014Capital City Hoop & Music Fest
2019-01513th Annual Indie Grits Film Festival
2019-016Columbia Food and Wine Festival
2019-017South Carolina Carnival
2019-018Permitting Fire Department to collect money for the MDA
2019-019Urging the State of South Carolina Legislature to Support Passage of the Equal Rights Amendment
2019-020Authorizing Notice of 2019 Election for Council members from District 2, District 3, and one At Large Seat
2019-021Rocky Shoals Spider Lily Happy Hours
2019-022Make Music Day Happy Hour
2019-023Jam Room Music Festival
2019-024Contract for Purchase and Sale of approx. 199.65 acres along Simmon Tree Ln, Beltline Blvd, and Bluff Rd
2019-025Approving and Ratifying Mutual Aid Agreements with Various Law Enforcement Agencies
2019-026Authorizing Cit Manager to Execute Purchase Agreement for 1601 Assembly Street
2019-027Lease Agreement for the 4th floor of 1401 Main Street
2019-028Execution of documents necessary to repair or rebuild certain properties affected by the 2015 flood
2019-029Execution of documents necessary to purchase 3408 Keenan Drive through the Property Acquisition Program
2019-030Execution of documents necessary to purchase 1006 California Avenue through the Property Acquisition Program
2019-031Columbia Music of Art for Love, Peace and Hip Hop Kickoff
2019-032Adopting a Fair Chance Policy to Prohibit Inquiry of Conviction History or Wage History Information
2019-033Execution of Amended and Restated Lease Agreement and Operation and Maintenance Agreement for the Saluda Riverwalk
2019-034Honorary Naming of the 2000 block of Marion Street "Modjeska Simkins Way"
2019-035United Way of the Midlands' Women in Philanthropy Power of the Purse Charity Fundraiser
2019-036Execution of Real Estate Purchase Agreement for the purchase of 1113 King Street
2019-037South Carolina State Firefighters Fire-Rescue Street Party
2019-038Authorizing Condemnation for Easement Acquisition along Property Identified as 4632 Leila's Court
2019-039Soda City Friends Dinner on the Gervais Street Bridge
2019-040Honorary Naming of the 900 and 1000 blocks of Pine Street as "Beta Beta Zeta Way"
2019-041Authorizing Purchase of approx. 11.64 acres on the western side of Gills Creek Parkway at Pelham Drive
2019-042Soda City Market: Craft Saturday 
2019-043Columbia Museum of Art Jazz Concerts
2019-044Columbia Museum of Art for the Adult Summer Camp End of Season Party
2019-045Columbia Museum of Art for the Boyd Plaza Sonatas with The SC Phil
2019-047Intergovernmental Agreement for the Innovista Transportation Projects 2 - Greene Street Improvements Phase 2
2019-048Tasty Tomato Festival 
2019-049Jubilee Festival of Black History and Culture
2019-050Columbia Museum of Art for the Contemporaries Annual Meeting
2019-051Columbia Museum of Art for the Artful Cinema
2019-052Palmetto Peanut Boil Fundraiser 
2019-053Earle Jam Music and Beer Festival in Earlewood Park 
2019-054Tunnel to Towers 5K Walk/Run for Injured Military and First Responders 
2019-055Purchase of 1601 Assembly Street 
2019-056Purchase of approximately 199.65 acres along Simmon Tree Lane, Beltline Blvd, and Bluff Rd
2019-057Jimmy Kuehnle and Mimi Kato Closing Party
2019-058Chili Cook Off in Five Points 
2019-059Adoption of Policy to Apply Richland County's Commercial Development Tax Credit within the City of Columbia
2019-060Professional Services Agreement for the Housing First Program for Fiscal Year 2019-2020
2019-061Professional Services Extension Agreement for the Regional Coordination of Homeless Services in the Midlands
2019-062Service Agreement for the Operation of the Inclement Weather Center
2019-063License Agreement for the New Dominion Energy Bull Street Development Electrical Substation Site
2019-064Authorizing the Program for Temporary Alternative Payment of Parking Fine
2019-065Honorary Naming of the 100 Block of Isaac Street "Reverend Tryon Eichelberger Way"
2019-066Agreement for 2025 Main Street for Fiscal Year 2019-2020
2019-067Adopting City of Columbia Neighborhood Traffic Control Projects Policy 
2019-068Blanding Street Italian Dinner
2019-070Soda City Market: Craft Saturday on Saturday, August 31, 2019
2019-071Soda City Market: Craft Saturday on Saturday, September 28, 2019
2019-072Soda City Market: Craft Saturday on Saturday, October 26, 2019
2019-073Soda City Market Adoption Day
2019-074Soda City Market: Craft Saturday on Saturday, December 21, 2019
2019-075Jerry Fest at the Five Points Fountain
2019-076Authorizing a District Office Lease Amendment and Lease Attachment between the City of Columbia and Congressman Clyburn
2019-077Vista Lights 2019
2019-078Adopting an Investment Policy for the City of Columbia 
2019-079Boyd Plaza Sonatas Fall Series
2019-080Committing the City of Columbia to Provide a Local Match for a Hometown Economic Development Grant
2019-081CMA Dwali Party within Boyd Plaza
2019-082Authorizing City Manager to execute agreement between the City and the MASC for the collection of debt
2019-083Bierkeller Saturday Events at Riverfront Park 
2019-084Bierkeller's Fall Series of Tuesday Biergartens at Riverfront Park 
2019-085CMA Contemporaries Beer and Brats on Boyd 
2019-086Honorary Naming of the Intersection of Gervais Street and Pine Street "Gregory Adams Moultrie Way" 
2019-087South Carolina Oyster Festival 
2019-088Authorizing a Lease Agreement for the lease of 900 Riverhill Circle
2019-089Authorizing City Attorney's Office to join a class action lawsuit against prescription opioid manufacturers and wholesalers 
2019-091Honorary Naming of the 100 to 600 blocks of Juniper Street "Emily England Clyburn Way"
2019-092Rosewood Art and Music Festival 
2019-093Fifth Lease Amendment between City and First-Citizens Bank & Trust Company for lease of 34,221 sqft of 1225 Lady Street
2019-094Adopting Outdoor Dining Encroachment Policy 
2019-095CMA Live on Boyd Plaza on December 8, 2019
2019-096Authorizing Agreement Concerning Electrical Service Rights 
2019-097Condemnation for Easement Acquisition for Sanitary Sewer at 4112 West Beltline Blvd and Brookland Circle 
2019-098Condemnation for Easement Acquisition for Harlem Heights Storm Drainage Improvements 
2019-099Authorizing a Right of Entry Agreement to The River Alliance for Surveying and Design of Saluda Riverwalk
2019-100Sola Station and Canal Side Sign Lighting Party on December 5, 2019
2019-101St. Pat's Festival in Five Points on March 21, 2020
2019-102Authorizing Sublease Agreement for the lease of Suite 110 and 112 at 2012 Harden Street for Employee Health Center 
2019-103First Thursday on Main Street
2019-104Authorizing Acceptance and Dedication of Portion of Street Known as Germany Street
2019-105Authorizing a Maintenance and Security Agreement for Gills Creek Section A Greenway
2019-106Endorsing the Airport Boulevard Gateway Beautification Project 
2019-109Honorary Naming of the 2400 and 2500 blocks of Hampton Street "Doris W. Hildebrand Way"
2019-110Honorary Naming of the 2300 block of Pendleton Street "Donella B. Wilson Way"