Columbia Tree & Appearance Commission
This group of dedicated citizens appointed by City Council, oversees Forever Forest, a foundation that supports Columbia's reforestation. They develop ideas for projects, assist in their implementation and educate citizens through Arbor Day events, press conferences and brochures.

Columbia Green
A nonprofit organization that raises money for the beautification of Columbia. Funding is provided to the Forestry and Beautification department every year for adding seasonal color. Columbia Green also offers grants to individuals and organizations for beautification and tree planting projects.

10,000 Trees Program
The City of Columbia and Columbia Green will work to reach the goal of planting 10,000. To learn more about this initiative, click Columbia Green: 10,000 Trees.

Arbor Day
The City of Columbia conducts a special tree planting ceremony to commemorate the annual Arbor Day celebration. The ceremony frequently takes place at an elementary school within City limits on the first Friday of December in conjunction with the Columbia Tree and Appearance Commission, Columbia Garden Club and other partners.

Forestry and Beautification will partner with neighborhood associations to facilitate beautification projects. Neighborhoods must provide materials, typically through donations or grants and assume responsibility for long term maintenance. The department will provide technical assistance.

Forever Forest
The Columbia Tree and Appearance Commission established The Forever Forest Foundation to give individuals and businesses the opportunity to contribute to the beautification of Columbia, while honoring friends and loved ones.Tax-deductible contributions are acknowledged with a letter and certificate and funds are used for planting trees on public property.

Caleb King, Superintendent

2910 Colonial Drive, Columbia, SC 29203