Keeping sidewalks and other areas free from weeds and debris keep citizens free from tripping hazards while keeping the city looking neat and clean.
: Forestry maintains more than 46,000 trees. Our City's tree population is worth more than $75 million.

Reforestation: Reforestation personnel are responsible for planting trees to replace those which die or have been removed due to safety hazards.

Right-of-Way Maintenance: Forestry & Beautification cuts and maintains grass in medians and right-of-ways along major roadways. Throughout the year, more than 1,000 miles of right-of-ways and more than 130 traffic islands are mowed and edged.
2015 Arbor Day at Carver-Lyon Elementary
Pots on Lady Street Bridge
City Year helping plant Liriope near the Convention Center
Median on Sunset near the Heart Hospital
Whaley at Assembly
Tulips and Pansies on Main Street
Millwood at Gervais
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