Village Love Initiative Delivers Meals Provided by Columbia Businesses and Locally Owned Restaurants to First Line COVID-19 Responders & Care Givers
Apr 10, 2020

A new initiative designed to allow locally owned businesses and restaurants to provide meals and care baskets to first line COVID-19 health care responders launches TODAY, Friday, April 10 at Prisma Health. The meals and care packages will be delivered to the 4th Floor of the Marion Suite of Prisma Heart Hospital at 6 Richland Medical Park Drive in Columbia, between noon and 1:00 pm. 

The meals delivered tomorrow are provided by Simply Dupre Catering and the care baskets are from The 1600 Block of Main.

The goal of the Village Love initiative is to allow citizens to purchase meals and care baskets/packages from local restaurants and businesses that will then be delivered to health care providers and other front line COVID-19 responders. In their first week, Village Love has already raised 200 meals and is coordinating a schedule to deliver to area COVID-19 responders on a regular basis. Local businesses and restaurants can also donate meals and goods. 

“The Village Love concept brings together different elements to help a lot of our citizens most affected by both the increasing health emergency, as more people arrive at our health centers with COVID-19 symptoms, as well as the financial crisis as businesses struggle to overcome the huge financial losses stemming from decreased revenue due to widespread shutdowns,” said Mayor Steve Benjamin. “I applaud the ingenuity and enormous spirit of public good will of Allen Love and his partners for conceiving and launching this program at this very crucial time, which brings together our citizen’s desire to help those on the front lines in the battle against the COVID-19 virus with a means of increasing needed revenue for local businesses.”

Other businesses that have contributed and provided meals and care packages so far are the Solomon Law Group, Brick and Stone Pizza.

“My long term vision is to create a Meal Train, where the community can purchase meals from locally owned restaurants provide for multiple Front Line Groups,” said Allen Love, Senior Vice President of Business Development of South Carolina business Sanctuary Opportunity Funds. “Those in the line of fire are suffering from physical and emotional fatigue. We also do what we can to support small locally owned restaurants that are suffering due to the quarantine measures.  This is a noble effort that I hope goes viral from city to city in South Carolina.”

For information about Simply Dupre’s contribution contact Bobby Percival at 803-351-1790, and for The 1600 Block of Main contact Charlotte Knoop at 803-973-2371.