Advertisement of Vacancies on Various Boards and Commissions
Jun 14, 2019

The City of Columbia is accepting applications to fill several vacancies on the following boards and commissions. 

City Center Partnership

Seeking 1(one) Applicant for Appointment.

The purpose of the Board is to enhancing the economic vitality of Columbia's City Center Business Improvement District (BID) by making capital investments and expanding services and programs within and for the District through the use of special assessment revenues and other revenues as may be appropriate. The board has a minimum of 25 directors with the City appointing 3 individuals. Term- 3 years

Columbia Museum of Art

Seeking 1 (one) applicant.

The Columbia Museum of Art Commission manages the investments and the maintenance, preservation and exhibition of its art collection. Applicants must reside within the corporate limits of the City of Columbia. Term- 5 years

Design/ Development Review Commission

Seeking one (1) Applicant for /Appointment. Applicant must have experience as a City Planner. The purpose of the Design/Development Review Commission (DDRC) is to review and approve work proposed within the City's historic districts, urban design areas, and upon designated landmarks. Term – 3 years.

Election Commission

Seeking 1 (one) Applicant for Appointment.

The purpose of the Municipal Election Commission determines the eligibility of candidates seeking office; counts and verifies absentee ballots to ensure the integrity of the election process in accordance with state statute; and certifies the results of all municipal elections. Applicants must reside within the City Limits. Term- 6 years

Food Policy Committee

Seeking 4 (four) Applicants for Appointment.

The purpose of this committee is gather and address problems found within food production, consumption, processing, distribution, and waste disposal with the primary focus on finding solutions to problems that promote sustainability, economic development, and social justice in the food system of the Columbia and surrounding areas by educating government officials about issues of the food system, making policy recommendations, research, fostering of cooperation among private, public, and non-profit interests. City Council has the final vote on approval or disapproval of recommendations. Term – 2 years. 

Property Maintenance Board of Appeals

Seeking 7 (seven) Applicants for Appointment.

The Property Maintenance Board of Appeals (PMBoA) is a volunteer group established for the purpose of hearing appeals to decisions by the Housing Official or to a notice of violation of the International Property Maintenance Code. Appointees must reside within the corporate limits of the City of Columbia. Term- 3 years.

Deadline –Applications are due no later than June 27th at 5pm.

For applications and more information contact Ashley Jenkins at (803) 545-3026 or send a request to [email protected]. You can also visit our website at to download an application.