Millwood Avenue Resurfacing Project Underway
Sep 11, 2020

In mid-2019, SCDOT approached the City of Columbia with a partnership opportunity to improve safety along Millwood Avenue for all users. Staff of both agencies worked together to develop an alternative striping plan to accompany the resurfacing project. The alternative striping plan presented to the public included adding turn lanes, bike lanes and other safety improvements.

Starting in May 2020, Phase One of the Millwood Avenue Resurfacing began with selective repairs, starting at Gervais Street, and continuing southwest towards Gladden Street. Phase Two will occur in the future from Gladden Street to Devine Street.

The planned improvements will create a more effective, standardized lane width throughout the corridor. The proposed lane   configuration does not does not reduce the number of vehicular travel lanes and no changes to the overall width of the road are proposed.

With the above noted changes bike lanes will be provided from Gervais to Devine over the course of two phases. No loss of on-street parking will occur, except for two spaces near the intersection of Millwood and Tree to provide safety improvements at the transit stop and create better sight distances.

Currently, the safety improvements and paving of Millwood Ave is on schedule for this paving season with phase one beginning on Sunday, September 13, 2020 and ending around September 30, 2020, weather permitting.