The Infrastructure Management team is comprised of Systems Administrators responsible for building and maintaining the technical infrastructure required to support business applications across the enterprise. IT infrastructure provides access to applications, databases, mail and communication services that enable the City to perform work with accuracy, reliability, and security. Services provided, but not limited to, include: Overall IT operation and maintenance of existing enterprise systems, new technology investigation/capability integration, continual planned improvements of capabilities, and utilizing available technology.


The Network Management group oversees the daily operation of the City's local/wide area connectivity providing users reliable and robust data flow. Additionally, the team works in concert with Security Management to configure filtering and access control to the network to mitigate threat vectors.

Security Management

The goal of Security Management is to help identify, implement and maintain security levels that are aligned with the City of Columbia's critical resources and business objectives. Security Management consists of the Security Analyst who is responsible for instituting policies, procedures and security-related technology. These are necessary for mitigating and managing the risks associated with how the City of Columbia does business, including web-based applications, mobile platforms and communications over the Web.