Mayor Benjamin knows that the health of a city’s residents plays a major role in the city’s overall quality of living. A leader in the National Forum for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention’s Move with the Mayor program, Mayor Benjamin has lead a series of walks and bike rides in neighborhoods throughout the city.
In addition, the City’s Bike Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) in collaboration with Palmetto Conservation Foundation and City staff have done tremendous work to increase biking around the city. A more mobile and sustainable form of transportation is not only a smart move for a city but also a healthier one.
The City has also implemented the first Food Policy Committee (FPC) in the state. The FPC, which is made up of farmers, chefs, food policy experts, restaurant owners and residents with a passion for food policy, will do work to examine the status of our local food system, improve farm-to-table efforts and address food security issues in our region. The committee will also tackle food policy related issues in the city including procurement, land use, zoning, food safety and overall public health.