Columbia offers citizens and visitors a variety of great services and beautiful parks to enjoy. There are currently 60 city parks and green spaces, 55 tennis courts and 9 city-maintained fountains. Columbia also has 16 city pools, spray pads and ponds.
In addition to parks, Columbia offers golf, swimming and recreation league play. All city parks are open year-round from dawn to dusk, and there are no entrance fees. The City encourages healthy and active lifestyles and strives to provide and promote the usage of fun and safe activities at facilities in neighborhoods across the city.
During the summer months, Parks and Recreation plays movies and hosts concerts in the evenings at city parks. The City encourages all residents to participate in community events and get involved in outdoor activities.
From hosting basketball games to history tours, Columbia strives to enhance the quality of life for all through good stewardship of the city's natural and physical resources, the presentment of safe and accessible facilities and the operation of exemplary leisure services.
This October, the City is hosting Columbia City Serve, which will be a city-wide volunteer effort to unite organizations and volunteers of all ages and backgrounds in a collaborative effort that builds upon our rich tradition of community service and leadership.Non-profit organizations, government entities, faith-based organizations and neighborhood associations will all have the opportunity to have crucial projects completed by residents of the Columbia community. For more information about City Serve, visit