Neighborhood parks feature some of our hidden treasures, including a variety of outdoor leisure excursion opportunities. We also offer seasonal programs and activities catered to individuals, families and large groups that wish to engage in wholesome recreational experiences. These parks offer residents and visitors the opportunity to enjoy open space, playgrounds, picnic shelters, walking trails and entertainment venues. The aesthetics in the neighborhood parks will take you away without ever having to leave our beautiful Capital City.
Anna Mae Dickerson Mini-Park - 1315 Liberty Hill Avenue
Tucked away in the Lyon Street community, this small neighborhood park provides open space for a variety of outdoor games and activities. The park features a playground, 2 outdoor basketball courts as well as a picnic shelter.
Earlewood Park-1111 Recreation Drive
Nestled in historic Earlewood Park just north of downtown Columbia, this new facility is the perfect venue for business gatherings and small social events. This 3,520 square foot building includes a banquet hall/meeting room space with eight and six foot tables and chairs. A kitchenette equipped with stainless steel appliances (refrigerator, warmer oven and ice maker) is included for convenience in handling food preparation and catering.
E.B. Sessions Park - 3304 Beaumont Avenue
This Park is a part of the Booker Washington Heights neighborhood. The park consists of .49 acres. It is primarily used by the parents that bring their youth to the playground area and nearby swings. The park also has benches and a water fountain. In addition, the park has a small circular concrete walking area for running or walking.
 Elmwood/Roy Lynch Park - 2120 Lincoln St. (Lincoln & Abbeville Streets)

This lovely neighborhood park features a playground and a picnic shelter. It is enclosed in a brick and ironwork fence. Two game tables with built in benches are perfect for a game of checkers. The equipment is well maintained and in working order. This park also has a water spray. There is a water fountain but no bathrooms. Total acreage is .79 acres.
Fairwold Park - 5931 Eddy Street (Frye & Eddy Streets)
A neighborhood park off of North Main, St. Fairwold Park is a small park with a playground area with slides, climbing structures, swings, picnic tables and a drinking water fountain. The park is very shady and well maintained. This park is well cared-for and enjoyed by the people who live in the neighborhood. The park is .83 acres.
Hollywood Park - 216 South Gregg Street
This charming little park welcomes you both coming and going. A brick archway at the front gate is surrounded by canna lilies and beautiful landscaping, while the back exit takes you through a brick columned picnic area covered with vines. The landscaping throughout this little park is very well maintained.
Three corners of the park are shaded by large trees. The corner farthest from the playground and the path behind the picnic shelter both offer shaded benches to relax and read a book or newspaper. A large open grassy area is perfect for throwing a Frisbee or just running around.
The play equipment includes two swings, two baby swings, bouncy horses and a small climbing/slide structure. Everything is in great shape. There is a water fountain but no bathrooms. The park size is .75 acres.
Isaac McClinton Park - 1003 Howe Street
This neat little park located in the South Edisto community, is used by the parents that bring their youth ages 2-5 years. The playground is placed in a sand filled play area with lots of room for creative play. The park has a water fountain and benches for adults to relax while the children play. The park consists of .36 acres.

Katy Park - 4919 Katy Street

The Golden Acres Community is home to this park. It has a gazebo, access to water, electricity and two benches. The park acreage is .12 acres.
Lester Bates Park - 1062 Wando Street (Wando & Gardenia Avenue (Green space))

Lester Bates Park is a long, narrow grassy field that runs along Wando St. There are no amenities and very little landscaping. The park acreage is 5.9 acres.

Lincoln Park - 3700 Ridgewood Avenue
Lincoln Park is right down the street from Hyatt Park. It is a natural wooded area with no other amenities. The park acreage is 6.58 acres.

Marshall Park - 2905 Lincoln Street
This wooded neighborhood park features a playground and a large wooded area with a well-worn walking path. The park is lit with streetlights. There is a water fountain but no bathrooms. There is no off-street parking. Total acreage is 10.2 in size.

Mays Park-1521 Deans Lane
Mays Park features a picnic shelter, playground area, tennis courts and basketball courts.

RA-Rock - 904 Heyward Street

RA Park, which is located in the Olympia community, features an over sized ROCK that displays the painting of an Egyptian. It has two benches at this location. The total acreage of this park is .3 acres.
Realtors Park - 1805 Blossom Street

The park is located across the street from Maxcy Gregg Park. It is nestled in a busy business district near five points and the local University. It has a swing bench, a picnic table with blossoming trees in the spring and is an ideal place to relax in the summer. The park is .27 acres.

Rosewood Park - 915 Elm Avenue
This park has a paved trail for walking, skating, or bicycling. There are benches and trees and open fields for playing as well as a small baseball diamond. There is a picnic shelter. The playground is not shaded but has plenty of sand for digging. There is a really cool "rock climbing" feature on the play equipment and a 3-lane squiggly slide. The play equipment is great for a slightly older child as well as a small child. The size of Rosewood Park totals 5.9 acres.

T.S. Martin Park 2700 Edison Street

Tyler Park - 501 Tyler Street
Tyler Park is a long, narrow landscaped area that runs along Tyler St. There are no amenities but some beautiful landscaping. Other parks nearby are Bates Park, Rosewood Park, Ben Arnold Park and Valencia Park. Tyler Park is 2.47 acres in size.

Valencia Park - 3744 Montgomery Avenue

This 2-acre park is a youth baseball field with a full size concession building. Beyond the fenced in field is additional green space for kids to play. A playground apparatus also exists beyond the ball field.
Virginia Pack-3602 Thurmond Street

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