Each focus area represents the collective thoughts of

City Council members

Councilman Daniel Rickenmann is the ambassador for this focus area

Building on its history as the first planned capital city in America, Columbia continues its pace in defining what a great American city can be. Its planned underground grid showcases an integrated utility and City operating system. It preserves and treasures its natural resources and historic properties, evidenced by the City’s multiple recognitions as one of the best planned, sustainable cities.

Columbia is well recognized as a genuinely authentic, well-planned city and continues to set the pace for America. The planning process features and protects a strong urban core, fully developed riverfront, great neighborhoods, well canopied streets, both large scale and pocket parks, well connected modes of intermodal transportation, and an abundance of pedestrian and bike paths.

Regional government exists, offering superior, cost effective basic services to citizens and businesses with a well-balanced, growing tax base. The success of this new government is largely the result of engaged citizens and visionary leaders.