Each focus area represents the collective thoughts of

City Council members

Councilman Ed McDowell is the ambassador for this focus area.


With three beautiful rivers running through the heart of the City, three interstate highways that connect the region to over 75% of the American economy, and a historically designated and well-planned urban core, Columbia is recognized as the economic engine of the South. The City’s laser-like focus on the delivery of sound and sustainable infrastructure, along with its best practices and cutting edge technology have enabled it to manage and operate one of the largest and most modern utility systems in the South.

Columbia has integrated infrastructure delivery that is coupled with a vision of establishing itself as the most walkable city in America. The City thus provides it citizens with a green, high tech inter-modal transportation system that services and connects the entire metropolitan area. A superior network of 100 miles of bike and pedestrian friendly connectivity supports the healthy lifestyles of Columbia’s citizens and visitors and has earned the community accolades for decades. The City’s stunning tree canopy makes Columbia the longest consecutively recognized municipality by Tree City USA. The canopy camouflages an intricate network of smart technology, green infrastructure, and renewable energy sources that serve citizens and businesses, while promoting healthy living.