Each focus area represents the collective thoughts of

City Council members

Councilwoman Tameika Isaac Devine is the ambassador for this focus area


Columbia is an inclusive, caring, and compassionate city that embraces diversity. We provide a variety of services and resources that develop human potential and invest in the growth and development of all residents.

Our citizens live in safe, sustainable neighborhoods where children are thriving, learning, and having fun. Our residents are financially and physically healthy and lead peaceful and productive lives. Our citizens are invested in the community and empowered to live their fullest potential. Columbia prides itself on engaging its citizens and providing a high quality of life with endless possibilities.

From premier educational institutions to strong neighborhoods and thriving businesses, the City is well known as an environment in which there are opportunities for all. We are home to state of-the-art K-12 schools, a myriad of public and private institutions of higher learning, as well as a nationally ranked technical school system. All of these opportunities empower residents to transform their lives and inspire people, young and not so young, to achieve their dreams. Workforce development is a hallmark of the Columbia community, coupled with a focus on successfully leveraging public and private partnerships to ensure that all residents have the opportunity to obtain skilled, high paying jobs.

High level medical services, abundant recreational amenities, and a beautiful and safe natural environment allow citizens to live healthy and active lives.