Each focus area represents the collective thoughts of

City Council members

Councilman Sam Davis is the ambassador for this focus area


Columbia reflects neighborhoods that are filled with historic homes, museums, parks and natural resources. The City boasts safe, secure neighborhoods that are free from over-development and other consequences of growth. Housing exists for residents in a variety of income categories and stages of life, including choices from traditional single-family homes with tree-lined streets to high-rise urban living. Our city is a seamless mix of neighborhoods with tree canopies that create a nurturing environment in which our citizens can prosper and grow. The City maintains a diverse mix of housing stock from urban development to family oriented neighborhoods with backyard cookouts.

The City protects and honors the uniqueness and character of its history. Columbia attracts employees and families that desire a safe, sustainable, and accessible community. It has distinguished itself by managing growth to protect and improve its valued quality of life. Sustainable development has been carefully blended into the City. Careful expansion and redevelopment have made Columbia a pedestrian-friendly, livable social and economic center.