Unified DEvelopment ordinance to take effect on august 30th, 2021 

City Council gave 2nd reading to the zoning map on June 15th, 2021. We encourage you to visit the following website -  We Plan Together - Click Here - to view the approved text and map. More information on the timeline moving forward as well as the list of revisions that will be implemented prior to the effective date of August 30th can be found at: Map Revision Memo - Click Here

Transitional Period: The new ordinance "UDO" will take effect on August 30, 2021. Any development application submitted and accepted as complete prior to August 30th but still pending final action shall be reviewed and decided in accordance with the regulations in effect when the application accepted. Any development approvals granted prior to August 30th shall remain valid until their expiration date. All new submittals on or after August 30th will be reviewed in accordance with the UDO. For more information on the transitional period, please see Section 17-1.8 of the UDO. 

  • Staff is happy to begin discussing projects under the UDO. Pre-application meetings can be scheduled through the Development Center by contacting 803-545-3483.

The Zoning Division

Whether you live or work in Columbia, the Zoning Division can help you construct or add an addition to your home or business, locate an ideal area for your new business, or plan a new development.

The City of Columbia uses zoning regulations to preserve, protect, and support the use of existing residences, businesses, and properties. We strive to provide a reasonable expectation of how areas will develop and change over time. Zoning is the tool for carrying out the planning policies of the City.

The Zoning Division enforces the City of Columbia's Zoning Ordinance by reviewing permit applications, responding to complaints regarding violations, and managing the Board of Zoning Appeals.